Planning to travel this summer? You’re not alone. According to our recent survey, about 75 percent (73%) of travelers said they plan to take at least one trip this year, with half of them saying they plan to fly to their summer destinations.

When it comes to those who aren’t planning to take a trip this summer, about around a third (35%) blame it on their financials. This is very different from 2017, when most travelers who weren’t planning to travel during the summer said the reason was because they just prefer to stay at home during the summer. On a positive note for airlines, many travelers aren’t letting those Boeing Max 737 issues deter them from traveling. Over 75 percent of travelers said they haven’t given much thought about the Boeing plane crashes and wouldn't let it affect their summer travel plans.

See more interesting stats from the survey below:

  • 27% of travelers are either unsure or do not plan to travel this summer.
  • The majority of travelers plan to take no more than 3 trips this year. 91% said they plan to only take 1-3 trips this summer.
  • The majority of travelers (44%) have not even started on the booking process for their summer trips.

Make sure to let us know where you’re headed this summer in the comments below. For more information on the Airfarewatchdog Summer Travel Outlook survey reach out to

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