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Airfare Watchdog is quickly becoming a premiere website for finding excellent, current air fares.
Keep up the good work!

Just wanted to say thank you for the timely updates. Because of your newsletter I was able to talk my sister into coming on a trip with me. Just the day before she said no because flights were too expensive. But Airfarewatchdog came to the rescue! THANKS!

Thanks to you.  I got cheap fares ($157 RT ORD to FFL)
through your alert.  I bought 5 tickets yesterday.
Thanks again.


I love your site - always helpful! I just saved $100 on a flight from Newark to Charleston. Thank you!

Because of your site I have been able to go to: Portland, Maine Indiana, Indianapolis Nashville, Tennessee Fez, Morocco Prague, Czech Rep Budapest, Hungary Paris, France Barcelona, Spain Munich, Germany London, England Koln, Germany Madrid, Spain Chicago, Illinois Brussels, Belgium Manchester, New Hampshire Boston, Massachusetts Tampa, Florida in the last 3 years and if I didn't have a desk job, I would've gone to more places. Some people need their morning coffee to get started, I need my Airfarewatchdog. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

this is a fabulous website...you guys are the best..... what a great service you are providing thanx

Most of us now get our information "on line" as opposed to "on paper."  My days are already too busy and I hate spending time wading through piles of unnecessary advertising to get to the one tiny kernel of  information I actually need.  Airfare Watchdog is the only web site not flooding me with mountains of  unasked and unwanted information.  What you send is exactly what I asked to receive.  It is such a simple concept. Yet, it amazes me how other companies involved with marketing/information  can't seem to get it.  What you send is concise, unbiased and very specific. It has saved me a small fortune.  I wish other companies disseminating information would realize that most times, less is more.  I always look forward to your occasional e-mails because I know I will  find information that is pertinent to the areas of interest to me.  Time is money. Airfare Watchdog has saved me money on travel and  hours of time looking for that special fare.  Double kudos are in order!

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