Do you love finding low airfares, either for yourself or family and friends? Great! How would you like doing it for millions of people?, named "Best Cheap Flight Finder" by Money Magazine, is on the hunt for someone like you. You'll help maintain our fare database, scouring every possible source to find the lowest possible fares in various markets.

When we say we're hiring "Fare Analysts," it's not just a fancy name we made up. You'll actually be analyzing airfares, using your noggin and not a computer program, to see if an airfare is a "deal" or not.

As an Airfarewatchdog Fare Analyst, you'll spend your day asking, and answering, questions like these--questions that those automated airfare sites can't answer, because only real live human people like you can:

1) OK, so JetBlue is offering a $20 off coupon today on all flights. Their lowest fare from New York to LA is $218. But US Air has that route for $148 today. But US Air isn't nonstop. So which is the better deal? JetBlue for $218-$20 on a nonstop or the US Air sale fare? Or are both "decent" fares?

2) Spirit Airlines is offering 9 cent fares again, plus a $50 off "coupon". Does that mean that their Boston to Myrtle Beach fare really less than $0, since the taxes on that route are $35?

3) Baltimore to Detroit on Travelocity is $98 today. But Travelocity and Orbitz and the rest don't include Southwest's fares. So what is charging on that route today?

4) LA to London is pretty darn expensive for summer travel right now. Should we wait until there's a sale to list fares on Airfarewatchdog? Wait, Air New Zealand flies that route and sometimes has low fares you can only buy on their site. Let's see what they're offering today.

5) Southwest just announced a 50% off coupon code to Phoenix. Oops, looks like United has reacted with fares that are a bit lower. But many of Southwest's fares to Phoenix are valid on nonstop flights. Which fares should we tell people about?

It's sort of like being a travel agent, but you're not actually booking--just looking. And instead of doing it for one person at a time, you're doing it for thousands.

This is a full time work at home posititon (you're welcome to work in our offices if you insist, but isn't it more fun to do it in your PJs? :), however you must be available for training in our Midtown offices for approximately 4-8 weeks. In additon to a competitive salary, we offer 3 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, priced health, dental, and vision insurance; matching 401K; tuition assistance; and others. We also provide computer equipment. We are a Macintosh office, so familiarity with Macs is helpful but not required. You'll typically work no more than 29 hours/week. Some weekend work is required. Hours are reasonably flexible and  We require a BS/BA degree or higher, or equivalent.

The successful candidate will have the ability to work independently at home in a distraction-free environment. Speed, accuracy, brains, and attention to detail are key attributes we're looking for. You must also live in an area with high speed cable or Verizon FIOS internet service.

Please do not apply for this position if you do not live in or within commuting distance of New York City.

To apply, please send a one-page cover letter telling us why you're the perfect candidate along with a resume to: Only qualified candiates chosen for an interview will be contacted.

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