We often use FedEx Ground to send out our information to folks in the media, rather than the post office. It usually costs about $4 or $5 per package. Just recently, one of our packages was damaged before it got to the sender, and was returned to us. We called FedEx for an explanation. Although they didn't have one, they sent us a check for $100 (the maximum reimbursement you'd get without declaring a higher value beforehand).

And we didn't even have to fill out a form. If an airline loses or delays or damages your bag, would they send a no questions, no form to fill refund? Uh uh. Which is why instead of fussin' and fightin' over airline baggage fees, maybe sending your bags ahead by FedEx Ground is the way to go. At least they'll say they're sorry if they misbehave, which they rarely do; and it's often cheaper than paying all those fees (plus you don't have to schelpp the bag yourself).

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