2008 was quite a year in the airline/airfare biz, and quite a year for airfarewatchdog.com. We sold the site to Expedia (I'll bet a lot of you didn't even notice) and now work closely with our friends at Smarter Travel and Trip Advisor. It was a good move and we're happy with our new relationships, especially since they've continued to let us operate as we did before the sale.

Airfare predictions for 2009? Nah, we'll pass. Instead, we'll continue to explore every possible source to find you the very lowest airfares, and when we find good and great ones, we'll let you know when and how to buy them. Plus, of course, there'll be our usual brand of travel advice and Tracy's humorous musings in the newsletters.

So from all of us at Airfarewatchdog--me on Manhattan, Tracy in Greenpoint, Barbara on Cape Cod, Gabriel in Toronto, Jen in Connecticut, Danielle in Philadelphia, Jacob in Baltimore, Kim Liang in Washington, Megan in Astoria, Jonathan on Long Island, Alisa on Staten Island, and Bo in Inwood--may 2009 be your best year yet!

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