In addition to our new, cleaner "look" here at Airfarewatchdog, we're now offering city to city fare alerts. So if you want to be alerted when a fare goes down to a "buy" price, just from New York JFK to Miami, say, or Boston to Pittsburgh, you can change your alert preferences to add those specific alerts.

Big deal, you say? Other sites offer this already? Yeah, but they don't include fares on Southwest. They don't include promo code fares. They don't include Skybus, Allegiant, and other airlines. They don't include Spirit's $1 fares. They don't check to see if a decent number of seats are available.

We do. And we won't send you fare alerts unless we consider the fare to be at or near its recent or historical low point (if a fare has gone down 20%, but it's still sky high, you won't be hearing from us).

We've also added international city alerts. This is where we'll send you an alert to your choice of foreign airports. Perhaps you've been looking for a cheap fare from Birmingham to Berlin, but it's been sky high. But what if there's a great deal from Atlanta? We'll tell you about it in these alerts, along with all other fares we list to Berlin.

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