That's what "justlookinforcheapairfare" ranted on our message boards recently, because he or she couldn't find a $200 RT fare from Philly to San Juan that we had posted.

"The 'best' price each time was over $500!! I don't know why I bother with this website," this person whines.

Well, he was right. The lowest fare wasn't $200. It was actually $165 plus tax on that route, for January travel, and if only he had read our user's guide (where we distill over a decade of experience in hunting for low airfares) then perhaps he'd be sunning and not whining. For proof, we show a real booking from Travelocity for this route on our Fare of the Day page, where you can see evidence of many other crazy low fares.

Believe it or not, we get nice emails from people every day saying how much they like Airfarewatchdog. But we thought it would be useful for newbies poking around the site wondering what we're all about,  if those of you who like the site left comments here (to counteract posts on our message boards from people like "justlookin". Have you found a fab fare that we listed?  Brag about it so that new visitors to our site will see the value of sticking around!

Just click on the add a comment link and share the love.

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