I just got off the phone with a lovely lady, Patty D., of Medford, Oregon. Patty was really sweet, told me how much she loved the site, etc. Now this was a Saturday (yes, we answer the phone on Saturdays sometimes, although we prefer people to email us). Now it appears that on Wednesday, we had sent out a newsletter with a $138 RT fare from Medford to LA, and I guess Patty had just opened it on Saturday. So of course, the fare was now nearly $350 RT.

But guess what: while I had her on the phone, I asked her to change her browser's home page from MSN.com to the Medford fare page. So now, every time she turns on her computer, her favorite fare page will pop up automatically. This way, maybe she'll catch a low fare next time.

So here's how you make a fare page your home page. 

1. Just go to the fares leaving from your city on our site

2. Go to "Tools" at the top of the browser window.

3. Go to "internet options."

4. Click on "use current"

5. Click on "OK"

It's as simple as that!

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