OK, it took us a while to get these done, but by popular (or is it pup-ular) demand, we've taken the drawing of Browser (he's our wheaten terrier mascot) atop the Empire State Building and put it on a T-shirt.

These are
American Apparel soft and comfortable T-shirts, made in the USA. They retail for $18 at their stores; we're selling them for $19.95 including shipping and handling (handling=we have to print out address labels, put them in an envelope, and take them to the Post Office).

The vast majority of you said you didn't want "Airfarewatchdog.com" to appear on the front of the T....just Browser doing his thing. So that's what we did. (Our URL appears discreetly on the back of the shirt in quite tiny lettering... ah, ever self-effacing we are). So
order yours before they are gone (our last set of T's sold out, and these are much nicer, in our humble opinion).

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