Who's Traveling and How Are They Getting There?

Summer travel this season is expected to be bigger than it has been in the past few years. We recently polled more than 1,300 travelers, and nearly 83 percent plan to travel this summer, up 12 percent when compared to last year. Despite all the recent issues aboard domestic airlines, 84 percent of travelers still plan to fly to get at least partway to their summer destination.

Where Is Everyone Going?

Airfarewatchdog’s analysis on search demand shows that interest in summer travel is at an all-time high, up almost 50 percent from a year ago. Most of those polled favor domestic itineraries, specifically Orlando, Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, and Ft. Lauderdale. Those headed to Europe chose these top five destinations: London, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, and Rome. No word yet on how the potential electronics ban could impact interest in European travel.  

What About Everyone Else?

Out of the travelers polled saying they plan to stay home this summer, a third cite budget constraints. Another third prefer to spend their summers locally.

Tips for Summer Vacation Procrastinators

If you’re like the 37 percent of travelers polled who’ve yet to start planning their summer vacation, you still have a little over a month before summer kicks into gear. Stay up to date on the best deals by setting up airfare alerts for your planned summer flight routes. Our airfare analysts vet every airfare from all airlines (including Southwest) for quality and timeliness, helping you avoid long layovers and multiple stops.

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