About two weeks ago Delta Air Lines had a computer crash that caused planes to be grounded and passengers to be stranded at airports all around the world.  Delta stated that the problem stemmed from a power outage in Atlanta that happened overnight. We polled over 1,300 travelers to see if the recent computer glitch would affect their likelihood to book with Delta in the future.

We asked: With the recent Delta computer glitch, are you less likely to book with the airline.

•    A large majority said they were not less likely (60%).

•    A little over a third (35%) said they were less likely.

•    5% of travelers were not aware of the glitch.

Computer issues and delays aren’t really news anymore—they seem to happen time after time. Fortunately for Delta, they still have a large number of travelers who didn’t let the computer glitch affect their sentiment with the airline. To avoid running into issues during the next computer glitch or delay— know your protections in advance and have a strategy. George Hobica highlights some of these protections and strategies in his recent guide on the Airfarewatchdog Blog.

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