1. We list fares on all airlines, all the time.

We're the only airfare comparison site that lists and compares fares on Southwest Airlines, Allegiant, and several other smaller carriers.

2. We're not an airfare "search" site as such.

We're more of an airfare "listing" site. Every day of the year, our "fare analysts" scour the Internet (airline sites, online travel agencies, etc.) looking for unusually low airfares, and when we find what we consider a really good fare we put it on a list showing low fares from your nearby airports.

3. Oh, and this is important: we're not run by computers or "shopping bots".

No, no... real live genuine human beings, most of them former airline or travel agency employees, search out the fares manually and then decide whether the fare on a given route is low enough to be included.

4. We list promo code airfares.

If an airline is offering a 50% or $20 off promo code, we calculate the fare with the discount, and send you to wherever you need to go to plug in the promo code.

5. We don't list all fares on all routes.

Just the ones we consider to be "good buys" 🙂

6. We don't sell tickets; we only list low fares.

And although many airlines and online travel agencies pay us to send them business, many do not. We list fares on the non-revenue airlines anyway, if they have a better price).

7. Plus, we think we have the cutest logo.

Browser, our official mascot.

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