The people behind Airfarewatchdog

The people behind Airfarewatchdog

Although we make a big impact, Airfarewatchdog is actually run by a small handful of people whose passion is saving consumers money on airfare. Real people finding real airfares. We do not use automation or computer programs to find the fares we list. Instead, we use the folks below:


Tracy (our Content Editor, Queens, New York). Previous employment includes baggage handler for a major airline. Blame him for your lost Louis Vuitton (just kidding, Tracy).


Gabriel (Manager, Airfare Analysts, Windsor, Ontario). A native of Hong Kong and originally a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering, decided he had more fun saving you money on airfares.



Danielle (Senior Airfare Analyst, Philadelphia, PA) lives and works in suburban Philly, where she was a retail travel agent for many years. As such, she knows all the tricks of the travel agent's trade in finding super low fares.



Megan (Senior Airfare Analyst, New York, NY). Her attention to detail has been helping Airfarewatchdog users find great flight deals for over 6 years now. Megan lists her favorite spot to visit as her friend's house in the English countryside, as well as the beautiful Prince Edward Island. When not searching for amazing fares, she practices reiki, walks her dog Tonks, and can be found acting on the stages of local theatre companies.



Florin (Senior Airfare Analyst, New York, NY) comes to us with extensive experience in airport and airline management, and has also worked as a travel agent. A self-admitted airline and airplane fanatic (yes, he's a plane spotter), he's a native of Romania, holds a degree in mechanical engineering and is an avid outdoorsman. 


Ricky (Senior Airfare Analyst, Boston, MA) With all the hams stars here at Airfarewatchdog, Ricky has the honor of being the only Emmy nominee of the bunch. We'd like to nominate Ricky for a second Emmy for his outstanding performance in fare finding.


Peter (Senior Airfare Analyst, Los Angeles, CA) grew up in delightful Duluth, MN. After making an epic road trip all the way from Canada to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Peter began his career with a major airline. He has since traveled the world, minus Antarctica, which he hopes to do by dog sled someday (just don't tell Browser).



Giuliana (Senior Airfare Analyst, Seattle, WA) came to us from a career in hospitality at Disney World and Marriott, where attention to detail matters, just like it does at Airfarewatchdog. When she's not prowling the web for sales, you might find her exploring Seattle with her Cairn Terrier, Puddy, who loves riding the monorail with his girlfriend, Boo.


Samantha (Airfare Analyst, New York, NY) loves dreaming up new places to go and how to get there. Most recently she visited Tibet. When she's not busy seeing the world, Sam also loves to cook and enjoys driving her car through the mean city streets of NYC.


Former flight attendant Andrew (Los Angeles) joins the glamorous world of airfare after years of crisscrossing the globe. Most of his time was spent in the Middle East, Germany, and Japan, though his most favorite place to go is Anchorage in summertime.


George Hobica (Our Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Airfarewatchdog Blog, Los Angeles mostly, New York, NY when the weather's nice). Still a travel writer (he's syndicated by Tribune Media and writes for USA Travel among other sites), he still gets down in the trenches and looks for airfare deals and tweets @Airfarewatchdog with over 1/2 million followers. Contact him via or visit him at



"Browser" (Our Mascot, New York, NY). In doggie heaven now, but was a huge inspiration and muse when we were just getting started (a soft coated wheaten terrier, in case you were wondering).

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