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The Year in Review: The Highs and Lows of Travel in 2018

Tracy Stewart - December 28, 2018
What will folks in the future remember most about 2018? in general, it’s been a…
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The baggage "insurance" you've probably never heard about

George Hobica - July 2, 2011
Airlines are required by U.S. regulations to compensate travelers for up to $3,300 in the…

Inflight power: even the cheap seats have it now

George Hobica - March 24, 2011
Now that more airlines are offering in-flight internet access, Airfarewatchdog was wondering how we're going…

Email from Europe

Airfarewatchdog Staff - June 8, 2010
If you've been paying attention (you are paying attention, aren't you?) you've noticed that our…

Should Airfarewatchdog have mobile apps and a mobile web site?

Airfarewatchdog Staff - April 28, 2010
Do you frequently access info on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or other smartphone? How…

Gosh! Money Magazine names Airfarewatchdog founder "Best Online Travel Expert"

Airfarewatchdog Staff - April 19, 2010
Not "Best Travel Expert," thankfully, because that would really be over the top. But Airfarewatchdog's…
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Help us spread the word about Airfarewatchdog!

Tracy Stewart - January 22, 2010
Are you a big fan of Airfarewatchdog? Well we certainly hope so and thanks! We'd…

We've relaunched our UK site!

Airfarewatchdog Staff - January 8, 2010
Did you even know that Airfarewatchdog has a UK site? Well, we do, and we've…

Albany (NY) International Airport adds Airfarewatchdog fare feed

Airfarewatchdog Staff - January 6, 2010
Honestly, we don't quite understand why every airport doesn't show potential customers how cheap it…
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New to Airfarewatchdog?

Jason Ma - November 15, 2009
Signed up for an Airfarewatchdog Fare Alert, but in need of a few pointers on…