If you've been paying attention (you are paying attention, aren't you?) you've noticed that our newsletters haven't been signed off for the past few days by Tracy Stewart. Well, that's because Tracy has taken a well-deserved vacation. Seems he saw an amazingly low fare on Airfarewatchdog to Europe (probably one of those $388 jobs including tax) and said "I'm going." No, he didn't ask, "Can I go." That's how things work around here. "I'm going."

Anyway, we miss him. Terribly. He did have the decency to write a short email to us, however. (BTW, Tracy, who's in his early 30's, has already lived a full life, having worked as a Delta Air Lines baggage handler and as something or other in Stockholm, where he lived for several years).

"Missed my flight to Stockholm from Barcelona and had to book a second for the following day, but I didn't mind because it gave me another day in beautiful Sitges. Being back in Stockholm is strange! Its like constant deja vu -all these words and places I hadnt thought about in so many years. Tonight I had dinner with the ex and parents, who are always so nice. The city is abuzz over the upcoming wedding of the crown princess, Victoria, to her personal trainer (who owns a chain of gyms). Meanwhile, the younger princess Madeliene has called off her engagement after her fiance was caught cheating and she is hiding out in NYC. The tabloids are gagging here.
Vi ses! (see you soon!)"

Thanks Tracy for keeping us au courant. Where would we be without you!

And that's our report from Europe.

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