Peter Thornton

Airplane descending toward a landing strip at dusk

FAA Downgrades Mexico’s Safety Rating: What it Means for Flights

Peter Thornton - June 7, 2021
Flights between the U.S. and Mexico just took a major blow from the Federal Aviation…
Avelo Airlines branded plane

Avelo Airlines: Everything You Need to Know About America’s New Budget Carrier

Peter Thornton - June 3, 2021
Despite the pandemic, the U.S. now has two new airlines in 2021. Breeze Airways launched…
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12 New Routes to Europe for Vaccinated Americans

Peter Thornton - May 25, 2021
Travel restrictions are being lifted for vaccinated Americans wishing to travel to Europe this summer.…
Close up of man's hand holding boarding pass and passport in front of airport terminal window

Beware of Basic Economy: No More Free Changes

Peter Thornton - May 19, 2021
When the pandemic halted travel bookings in early 2020, airlines adapted by allowing free changes…
Airline workers carrying travel suitcases at airport terminal

12 Pros and Cons of Working for An Airline

Peter Thornton - May 3, 2021
Have you ever sat facing the flight attendant sitting in the jump seat across from…
Woman standing at arrivals/departures board in airport, wearing a face mask

When Will Borders Open?

Peter Thornton - April 20, 2021
It has now been over a year since borders around the world closed to international…
Airplane taking off outside of empty terminal window

Will the New Stimulus Keep Airlines Flying?

Peter Thornton - April 13, 2021
It may seem like déjà vu. Just one year ago, the U.S. government passed its…
Woman in airport with backpack

8 Versatile Backpacks That Are Free to Carry On

Peter Thornton - April 2, 2021
If you're confused on what you may bring on-board for free these days, you're not…
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Is JetBlue Merging with American Airlines?

Peter Thornton - March 30, 2021
Back when the pandemic started, I had an inkling that we would see a few…
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8 Domestic Destinations to Visit in 2021

Peter Thornton - March 23, 2021
While borders may remain closed to unrestricted tourism for certain international destinations like Europe and…

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