Jason Steele



What Is a Known Traveler Number and How Do You Get One?

Jason Steele - February 3, 2020
The last time you booked a flight, you might have noticed the airline asking for…
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Your Credit Card May Provide Travel Insurance You Didn't Know You Had

Jason Steele - January 21, 2020
I get this question all the time: “Do I need to buy travel insurance?” It’s…

The Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fees

Jason Steele - January 21, 2020
Credit cards can have lots of fees. Some can even make sense, like an annual…

5 Credit Card Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Jason Steele - January 17, 2020
There are few things that are so often misunderstood as credit cards. That might be…

The Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards for Avoiding Bag Fees

Jason Steele - January 14, 2020
Nobody likes paying to check bags, except the airlines and their stockholders. Most airlines are…
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10 Big Travel Rewards Credit-Card Bonuses for January 2020

Jason Steele - January 7, 2020
I often tell people that the hardest way to earn frequent flyer miles is to…
airplane seats window empty

The Best Travel Credit Cards for In-Flight Discounts

Jason Steele - December 31, 2019
Having an airline credit card was once just about earning frequent flyer miles. But as…
Man in festive holiday sweater holds credit card and iPhone

The 10 Best Travel Rewards Credit Card Intro Bonuses for December

Jason Steele - December 10, 2019
I often tell people that the hardest way to earn frequent flyer miles is to…
Hotel Check-in Desk Bell

These Are the Best Hotel Rewards Travel Credit Cards for 2020

Jason Steele - November 26, 2019
As airlines continue to diminish the value of their frequent flyer programs, more award travel…

The Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards to Use for Holiday Purchases

Jason Steele - November 19, 2019
Retailers and consumers alike recognize that the holiday season is a time of peak spending.…

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