Caroline Morse

Rolling clothes for packing a suitcase

Packing Cubes vs. Rolling: Which Fits More?

Caroline Morse - February 15, 2020 When it comes to flying carry-on only, every square inch of suitcase space counts.…
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What to Wear if You Want to Sleep on the Plane

Caroline Morse - December 16, 2019
Even if you’re not wearing complimentary pajamas in the first-class cabin, you can still improve…
Woman looks out at the Eiffel Tower while wearing a red beret.

What Not to Wear in Europe

Caroline Morse - November 3, 2019
You’re a traveler, not a tourist, so dress like it. Avoid branding yourself as an…
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10 Travel-Friendly Dresses with Pockets

Caroline Morse - November 3, 2016
When you're out in the world, there's two things you need: a sense of adventure…
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10 Great Travel Jackets That Are Easy to Pack

Caroline Morse - October 14, 2016
The struggle is real when it comes to packing a jacket in your suitcase. Unless…
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11 Performance-Wear Outfits You'll Actually Want to Wear While Traveling

Caroline Morse - October 5, 2016
I've always wondered: Why can't someone take performance-wear fabric and turn it into clothes that…
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Deep Fried What?! The Craziest Fried Delicacies Around the World

Caroline Morse - September 28, 2016
Scotland is infamous for its deep-fried Mars Bars and American state fairs are notorious for…
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7 Foods You Should Never Eat on a Plane

Caroline Morse - August 31, 2016
Bringing your own food on the plane makes perfect sense, both for your taste buds…
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8 Travel Safety Tips You Probably Ignore (But Shouldn't)

Caroline Morse - August 24, 2016
Be honest. How many times have you read a safety tip for travelers and thought:…
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What to Do if You Get Lost When Traveling

Caroline Morse - August 17, 2016
I can't help you if you're feeling existentially lost (although travel is a great remedy…

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