Even if you’re not wearing complimentary pajamas in the first-class cabin, you can still improve your chances of getting some shut-eye on a plane by wearing these things.

A Jacket With a Sleepy Secret

BOMBAX’S Travel Jacket looks like a normal bomber-style coat, but hides a few key features that can help you sleep on the plane. An included inflatable neck pillow attaches to the jacket to give you extra support, the hood converts to an eye mask, and built-in hand-warmers keep you warm on freezing flights.


Non-Restrictive Pants

You don’t wear jeans to bed at home, so why try to sleep in them on a plane? A tight or restrictive waistband can dig in and irritate you as you try to get on the plane. Look for pants with an elastic waistband that won’t feel too-tight (even if you fall victim to “jet-bloat”) that are made out of a stretchy material that will let you bend yourself into a variety of sitting positions as you try to sleep. NYDJ’s Pull-On Ponte Knit Leggings are a good choice, as they look like regular black pants (so you don’t have to awkwardly change out of pajama pants into something more suitable for public wear in the airplane bathroom), but have an expandable waistband and a stretchy fabric. For men, a pair of elastic waist linen pants look pulled together but won’t make you feel confined or uncomfortable.


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A Shawl

A packable shawl can perform multiple jobs as you try to sleep. Use it as a blanket if you’re cold, to cover your eyes if your eye mask isn’t blocking out enough light, or rolled up as a makeshift pillow. This one is made from 100 percent woven cashmere for extra warmth.


Shoes That Feel Like Slippers

Slip-on shoes with a cozy fleece lining like these ones from Sanuk (or this pair for men) will keep you warm and give you the option to slide your shoes off if needed. (We’re not here to debate whether or not you should actually take off your shoes on a flight.) These shoes have enough give to accommodate expanding feet in-flight, and have an antimicrobial treatment that keeps odors at bay.


A Light T-Shirt

It can be impossible to sleep if you’re too hot, so in the event that your plane is overheated, make sure to wear a lightweight t-shirt as one of your layers. ExOfficio’s Give-N-Go t-shirt is a good option, as it’s breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying (so you can wash it out and wear it on the return flight).


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A Headband That Drowns Out Noise

SleepPhones can be worn as a headphone or ear warmer while in the airport, and then turn into a sleep-saver when you’re trying to rest. This soft headband has ultra-thin, flat speakers sewn inside that will play white noise, podcasts, or calming music via Bluetooth to help you sleep no matter how loud that baby three rows back is crying.


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