Caroline Costello

Hotels with the Best Views in America

Caroline Costello - July 29, 2014
A perfect view is a priceless hotel amenity. It allows you to enjoy a perspective…
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JetBlue to Phase Out the Check-in Process

Caroline Costello - July 18, 2014
JetBlue is shaking up the check-in process as we know it.

Gorgeous Hotel Bathrooms Around the World

Caroline Costello - July 14, 2014
The bathroom is arguably the heart of any hotel room. Whether serving as a respite…

21 Clever Little Air-Travel Tips

Caroline Costello - July 9, 2014
You, our readers, have the tendency to surprise us with ingenious, out-of-the-box travel tips. And…

These Awesome Airlines Will Make You Love Flying Again

Caroline Costello - July 7, 2014
Can flying be fun? The answer depends on your carrier of choice. Certain airlines are…

10 Packing Mistakes You'll Definitely Regret

Caroline Costello - June 11, 2014
Unexpected baggage fees and unfortunate run-ins with the TSA are just a few consequences of…

10 Essential Travel Clothes for Summer Vacations

Caroline Costello - June 5, 2014
Seaside cottages, sunny city streets, and cocktails with those tiny umbrellas await. But before you…

8 Best Airlines for Free Stopovers

Caroline Costello - May 29, 2014
The secret to getting two vacations for nearly the price of one? Free stopovers. A…

8 Things You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Caroline Costello - May 9, 2014
Will you regret not buying travel insurance? Bleak, sometimes costly, and often confusing, travel-insurance coverage…
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Here Are American's Fancy New Plane Seats

Caroline Costello - April 25, 2014
Can the cramped, dismal interior of a legacy aircraft ever pass for a well-appointed hotel…

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