Caroline Costello

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These Summer Europe Flights Are Insanely Cheap

Caroline Costello - March 18, 2015
This airline has some of the cheapest summer flights to Europe I've seen this year—but…
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Use This Google Trick to Make Your Flight Easier

Caroline Costello - January 20, 2015
Do you have an upcoming flight on your schedule? Try this: Google "flight status" while…
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U.S. May Ban Carry-on Bags and Electronics for Holiday Flights

Caroline Costello - December 4, 2014
Counterterrorism officials are talking about banning carry-on luggage on flights around Christmastime ahead of terrorism…

Insanely Cheap Winter Destinations

Caroline Costello - December 3, 2014
Don't let fear of cold weather cloud your vision of the perfect winter vacation. Low-season…

7 Airport Food Trends That Will Make You Love Your Layover

Caroline Costello - October 22, 2014
As a general rule, I hate airport food. But once in a while, a culinary…

7 Special Perks for Social-Savvy Travelers

Caroline Costello - October 14, 2014
Travel providers lure social media stars with special perks, discounts, and freebies nowadays. Check-ins on…
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7 Shameless Ways to Get an Upgrade

Caroline Costello - September 30, 2014
Want an upgrade? The key is availability: All upgrades are based on it. They're also,…
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The Ultimate Foliage Report Resource for 2014

Caroline Costello - September 26, 2014
Peak foliage is entirely dependent on the weather. Ideal conditions for seeing beautiful foliage vary…

Top 5 Off-Peak Destinations for Fall 2014

Caroline Costello - September 19, 2014
After August—generally the biggest travel month of the year—summer's annual dispatch of surf-loving, guidebook-toting vacationers…
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Is It OK to Go Barefoot on the Plane?

Caroline Costello - August 13, 2014
In an airplane cabin, among recycled air and tightly packed passengers, unpleasant body odors are…