Q. I'm trying to find a good fare to fly home for New Years, but not having much luck. I see you have a fare of $158 round-trip, with no blackout dates listed, that covers the dates around New Years, but I cannot book it. Whenever I follow the links and attempt to book the fare on Travelocity, they show my dates as available on their calendar, but when I click on them they are X'ed out as unavailable. What is up with this?

A. Even if there's no blackout or restriction, it doesn't mean that there are unlimited numbers of seats at the listed price.  Different dates will sell out at different times, especially if the airline doesn't set aside a large number of seats at a given price or if the travel date occurs during peak season. If peak holiday travel dates are selling well,  they most likely aren't going to release additional seats at low prices for that time period. On the contrary, they may actually increase the price for remaining seats on their most popular routes. You can find more info on the difference between fare periods and date availability in our FAQs

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