In part two of our series of interviews with flight attendants, we asked several of them if they ever flirt with passengers and if you like it when passengers flirt with you? Have you ever tried to pick up a flight attendant? We know Mad Men's Don Draper is guilty as charged, and as for us.... we'll leave that to your imagination.

One flight attendant told us, “Believe us…there are cuties everywhere. But, we see so many people each day! Of course, it is against airline rules to engage with passengers beyond professional norms. Plus, we are also overly used to dealing with flirtatious passengers. We know what you are doing before you recognize we know! On the odd occasion when we are truly interested (much less than you think!), we may exchange information, but that is rare.”

Another confessed, “I know several colleagues who have met their soul mate on board a flight. I view my job as a role of safety and service in the sky. Interacting with others as if the cabin were a pickup bar is not my cup of tea.”

And a third related that, “My friend has told me a few ear-twisting stories of various layovers, some of which involved flirtatious passengers. Yes, it happens just like in the movies. But, everyone is different I suppose. Besides, some of those senior mamas out there are certainly not lookin’ for love in the friendly skies, that’s for sure.”

Next question: How common is it to witness participants in the "Mile High Club?"

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