Q. Recently, my ticket got changed by the airline so that I now have a 4-hour layover between the 2 legs of my outbound flight. I've heard that it is most common for luggage to be lost when you have long layovers, as they put the luggage aside rather than transporting it to where it needs to go immediately (there's no flight or gate for it to go to yet). I would think too quick a layover would mean the luggage may not make the plane, but is too long a layover a problem, too?

I'm really kind of scared to check a bag now, but I can't imagine lugging around a massive carryon during a 4-hour layover...

A. These days you should thank your lucky stars for such a layover, considering how often flights are delayed. You'll probably arrive with just enough time to grab a quick snack and make your connection. If you're concerned about your bag making the flight, you might want to consider using Fed Ex ground instead. They tend not to lose things so much and, with all those newly invented airline baggage fees, you might even save some cash. You can check out our shipping vs bag check comparison chart here.

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