Q. For a year, my six year old niece asked for me to take her to San Antonio to visit cousins. In June, I asked her mother if she could go. Immediately,  my sister-in-law  told her I had invited her to go to San Antonio. All was great enthusiasm! That night I booked two non-refundable tickets with Delta on my credit card. As time passed, the six year old decided she needed to have her mother with her also. This wasn't doable for the mom, so I canceled the flight for my niece. Delta issued a voucher for the six year old. I had paid for her ticket with my credit card so it seems the refund should go to me. The child will not travel on her own anyplace within the next year and her mother plans no trip to take her. It seems Delta would want someone to use the ticket. When I contacted Delta by email, I received a standard answer. Is there any way I can pursue this lost ticket/voucher?

A. It is customary for airlines to issue vouchers in the name of the passenger on the ticket. Some airlines do allow the owner of the voucher to use the voucher to purchase a ticket for another passenger, however. Try contacting Delta to see if this is an option. Another idea- your niece could use her voucher to either purchase or apply toward the purchase of an airline ticket for you.

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