Airlines that sell priority boarding privileges if you're willing to pay

For an extra fee, some airlines will let you get on the plane earlier than other passengers, giving you a better chance of finding space in the overhead bin among other benefits.


What it's called

How much

What you get

Browser says


Priority Boarding


You'll board in Zone 2 – behind the Business Class passengers.

This is something you buy at the airport; and probably only worth it if the flight is super full. Rather unexciting.


Priority Boarding


You'll be the first to board.

You can buy this in advance; on an airline like this with mostly slow moving leisure travelers, $9.99 isn't bad to hurtle ahead of all of them.


Your Choice


Group 1 Boarding – be among the first to board, for a small fee. (The security line jump is still only just for special people, sorry.)

Congratulations to AA on another smooth revenue generating move – getting rid of back-to-front boarding means they may sell more of this option.


Even More Speed

$25 and up

Breeze through security, be the first to board. Sold as part of the Even More Space option for now; the airline says it may go a la carte later on.

Basically, the Even More Space seats are even more valuable now. Check, though. Not all airports offer the security line jump. 


Early Bird Check In


Assigns a boarding position that allows you to be one of the first people on the plane.

Don't get excited -- they don't guarantee A Group. It can happen, but may not, if lots of people bought Business Select fares.


Premier Line

$9 and up

Gets you through check-in, security and boarding faster. Also offered in bundles with other services, such as guaranteed Economy Plus Seating, for a higher price. 

Loves it! Particularly at places like ORD, where we've avoided missing flights by buying this service at the kiosk before rushing to security.