Q. I booked a flight to Honolulu with a tight connection in San Francisco. Is there any way to predict if my inbound flight to San Francisco and my outbound to Honolulu will be on time?

A. There sure is! The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics maintains on time data for most domestic flights. For example, if we search JetBlue's flight 0619 from New York to Jacksonville (a flight we frequently take), you see that from May 1 to December 31 2010, the average departure delay for this flight was 32.77 minutes with an average arrival delay of just 22.53 minutes. A total of nine flights were cancelled on this route during this time period. To search any flight, visit BTS and search by flight number and follow the instructions. You can also check averages for airlines and airports in general. All sorts of info available! Afterwards, if you're still concerned about making your connection in such circumstances, next time you fly try to build in a longer layover, which you can sometimes do on line when booking, or with the help of an airline reservationist or travel agent.

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