Alerts, Tweets, the Works! Cover all your bases!

Q. I just read someone's comment stating they paid $61 for a trip from Boston to San Diego! Although I did hear that particular fare was possibly a mistake fare posted by the airline. I'm trying to get to Miami from Houston, but can't get a break! Should I be following you on Twitter? Is that different than signing up for a newsletter?

A. Absolutely, follow us on Twitter, in addition to signing up for our newsletter and a city-to-city alert from Miami to Houston. The thing about Twitter? It's more immediate and we sometimes have fares that may not make our departure newsletters. Come late afternoon, should there be a late breaking sale, we might not bother sending out an additional newsletter if we've already sent one that morning. And by the time you get tomorrow's newsletter, the sale you've been waiting on may have expired. So if you're serious about eyeing a particular route, be sure to cover all your bases.