30% Off Promo Codes from Porter & Air Canada

Take 30% off your next Porter flight, with their latest promo code deal. Just enter promo code 090611 at time of purchase on flyporter.com. This offer is valid for travel from June 9 through December 15.

Travel to/from Boston, Montreal, St Johns, Chicago, Newark, Thunder Bay, Halifax, Ottawa, Moncton, Quebec City, and Toronto.

Fares include:

Boston to Windsor $205 round-trip

Toronto to Newark $139 round-trip

Toronto to Ottawa $97 round-trip

Toronto to Halifax $251 round-trip

Chicago to Windsor $209 round-trip

Toronto to Thunder Bay $237 round-trip

Toronto to Montreal $111 round-trip

Air Canada is striking back with a 30% promo code of their own, also for travel through December 15, to/from cities serviced by Porter. Enter promo code NQQNQEP1 at time of purchase. Book by midnight, June 9.