Airline  Cancellation within

How to cancel

Notes  Airtran  4 hours

 by phone

 voucher for future travel

 American  Not available

24 hour hold

 Continental  24 hours

see 24 hour cancel policy

 Delta You may cancel and refund your ticket in full until midnight, one day after the reservation is made. For example, a ticket for travel originating in the United States purchased anytime on Monday can be cancelled and refunded until midnight on Tuesday. If the reservation is made on the date of travel, you may cancel and refund your paid ticket in full until midnight that day.  by phone or online

See cancel policy

 JetBlue  Not available

     Southwest  24 hours

 by phone

   United  24 hours

 by phone or online

see cancel policy

 US Airways

 24 hours

 by phone

see customer service policy

Online travel agency
Cancellation within

How to cancel


 Expedia  24 hours

 by phone

Expedia promise

 Orbitz  by 10 p.m. CT day after booking

Courtesy cancel

 Priceline  by 11.30 p.m. ET day of booking

 by phone

 Exchange guidance

 Travelocity 24 hours

 by phone

 Travelocity guarantee

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