Q. I used frequent flyer miles to book 2 tickets on US Airways from Philadelphia to Belize, with a stopover in Charlotte.  When I checked my flights online approximately 2 weeks ago, there was no record of our flight into and out of Belize.  I called customer service, only to find out that the flight to Belize was canceled several months ago!  I was never notified.  Anyway, 1 1/2 hours later the US Airways rep I talked to rebooked us on Continental. According to the new itinerary, we fly out of Belize and into Houston, and she cannot get us home to Philly until the next day. So, we will be spending one night in Houston.  I offered to pay for 2 tickets from Houston to Philly on Saturday, but she said not to do that - to fly the next day to avoid paying.  I didn't push it because I really don't mind having to spend 1 night in Houston. However, what is the airlines obligation (if any) to pay for our hotel room?  I was too tired after being on the phone for that length of time to get into it with her!

A. According to the US Airways fine print:

When a US Airways flight on which the customer is being transported is canceled creating an overnight stay, customers will be provided one night's lodging. Exceptions to this are listed below. In addition, in cases where a customer has misconnected due to reasons other than those listed below, overnight accommodations will be provided.

Exceptions: Hotel accommodations will not be furnished:
To a customer whose trip is interrupted at a city which is his/her origin point, stopover point, or his/her permanent domicile.
When the destination designated on the customer's ticket, and the flight on which the customer is being transported, is diverted to another city or airport in the same metropolitan area due to weather.

The only way to be sure just how this policy applies to you is, of course, to call again and check with US Airways, but it sounds like since the overnight stay is at a stopover point - and since you've agreed to this itinerary - you're responsible for lodging.

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