Fly from Boston to Paris this summer in business class for $1,455 round-trip, including all taxes. Before you have a coronary, let us repeat, that figure is for business class, and for peak summer. We remember summers when a seat in economy was going for nearly as much, so this really is a great fare!

In fact, when checking this fare, we noticed seats in economy were actually priced HIGHER than seats in business ($675 vs $633)? Wha?! Stranger still? That higher biz class fare is NONSTOP whereas the higher economy ticket is a connecting flight.

 You can find these fares on and Travelocity, but good luck finding them on Kayak. We searched again for a peak summer business class trip to London and found the very same itinerary (same dates, same everything) on Kayak listed for more than double. Compare below, first on American and then on Kayak:

For more great summer biz class fares to Europe, visit our Boston page. And -breaking news- we're seeing similar deals from Miami too. Special thanks to eagle-eyed subscriber Matt for alerting us to this, by the way! 

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