It's an early holiday present. We have 8 (eight) $100 flight coupons to give away to 8 smart people. They can be used to buy a fare on VirginAtlantic anywhere they fly, or can be used on board for duty free purchases. Only catch is, if used for travel then all travel must be completed by November 14. So while that's a bit of a bummer, they CAN be used to buy a wide variety of duty free goods on your VirginAtlantic flight! So we'll be hanging out at the VirginAtlantic terminal at JFK at check in on Thursday, November 11, and all you need to do to get a coupon is answer this question correctly: "What's your favorite airfare listing and advice site?" Of course, there's only one correct answer, and we're sure you know what it is (hint: it begins with "A").

You must be about to be checking in for a Virgin Atlantic flight in order to get a coupon, so you can use it on board; or you must be about to buy a ticket on VirginAtlantic with a last day of travel Nov 14.

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