Did you know that you can add airfarewatchdog.com fare data to any web page or news reader, for free, easily and quickly by using our handy RSS URLs? Dozens of airport web sites, news organizations, hotels, meeting planners, and convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs) already do so! And why not? If you're an airport, of course you want people to fly more, and what better way than to show potential customers how cheap it is to fly. And if you're a CVB, you want people to visit your area, right? So show potential visitors low fares. Just makes darned good sense.

So here's how to do it:

Let's say you run the Jacksonville, Florida CVB and you want to show fares to the Jacksonville area. This is the URL to all Airfarewatchdog.com fares into the vicinity:


the "jax" is, of course, the three-letter code for the Jacksonville, FL airport. But let's say you wanted to add our fares out of New York's JFK airport. In that case, the RSS URL would read


See the difference? To show fares leaving an area or airport, just change "arrival" to "departure" after "direction=".  Simple, eh?

Then, if you'd like to convert these RSS feeds into Javascript, simply use the handy, free RSS-to-Javascript software you'll find here. Then you can add our fares to any blog, web site, or RSS reader, such as Google Reader.

Here's an example of an airport web page using our RSS feeds (the Port Authority of NY&NJ's Stewart International)

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