Are Your Fares Reversible?

Q.  Your fares are so fantastic and I use them to visit my boyfriend all the time, but what if he wanted to come and visit me? Can we get the same low price for a roundtrip ticket coming from the other direction?

And finally, what if we decide to stop all the "back and forth-ing" and settle down in one city? Would one of us be able to use your great round-trip fares for a one-way ticket?

A.  Almost all the domestic sale fares that we list are good for travel starting in either city listed.  Here's the quickest and easiest way to check:  if you see a fare on your city's farepage or in your newsletter alert (such as a fare to JFK listed on the LAX page), then go to the other city's farepage on our website to check if the opposite is true as well (if you see a fare to LAX listed on the JFK page, you're golden!).

As for snagging that one-way sale fare for domestic travel, we conveniently note it in our listings whenever it applies.  Just look for the magic words "One-way for half the roundtrip fare" - which means for roughly half the price of a roundtrip ticket, you can purchase a one-way ticket with this sale fare.  Make sure to check out our FAQ page entry on how to book one-way fares on third-party websites like Travelocity.