Q. Do you think it is advisable to use all your Continental OnePass miles before the end of the year merger with United? I can't imagine them allowing you to keep and combine all your miles from both programs. The question is addressed in a Q&A on United's website, but the answer is evasive and only states that they will combine the best aspects of both programs. It also says that you can continue to use miles from both sources. It is worded in the present tense, and does not actually state that you WILL be able to continue to use the miles from both programs after the merger. Am I being paranoid or are they being deliberately unclear.

A. United will most certainly combine the miles you have in OnePass into your United MileagePlus account. In fact, if history is any indication, they may even provide an incentive, such as 500 miles, for you to help them by merging the two accounts yourself online.  No worries! I also believe that if you have elite status in OnePass, that will carry over into the United program as well.

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