Stand for the Right to Fly Cheap

Seatless flights? Yeah yeah yeah, we've heard it before, and apparently it's an idea that some are still considering (aside from these guys, of course), or so suggests a recent post on Travel Weekly. This particular model of standing "seat" is known as the SkyRider, configured at 23 inches of pitch "or less." Or less? Yikes! If you do find the 23 inches of seat suddenly uncomfy, the good news is you're never too far from squat to stand. Alternate! Variety is the spice of life.

Sure, it sounds pretty radical, but think about it. Airline seating is far from comfortable. Just ask anyone with knee caps. Instead of getting up to stretch our legs, why not stand, and periodically take a load off? Maybe that's not such a great idea for long hauls, but for quick trips? Seems do-able.

But let us not forget the real reason for standing. It allows for more passengers crammed into a single flight, which translates into cheaper fares. Would you stand if the price is right?