Q. I hope you can help me. I am part of a business that does a fair amount of traveling. We are looking at reducing our flight costs in general, but our main issue is the cost of rescheduling and canceling flights. For most flights the fee for doing so is $150. I would say we canceled 30 to 40 flights out of 220 booked last year. Refundable tickets are usually more than double the cost of the lowest fares we buy, and I don’t feel that paying for fully refundable fares would make sense. I also looked into “cancel for any reason” travel insurance a bit. Would an airline, travel agency, or insurance company charge an annual fee for allowing a business to cancel and rebook fights? Any advice on the matter?

A. Probably the best advice I can give is to book your company’s flights with Southwest Airlines whenever possible. If you cancel a flight, Southwest will “bank” a credit for the entire fare, without a fee, into your account and you can use the credit for a future flight for up to one year from the original purchase date. 

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