Q. What can you tell me about the European Union’s delayed flight compensation?   Our Delta flight was delayed recently in Rome overnight due to a mechanical problem with the landing gear on our flight.  They had to actually bring an airplane over from the US.  Our rebooked flight the next day was delayed 2 l/2 hours waiting for them to fly the crew in from Venice.  When we arrived JFK, actually fairly on time, we were again delayed because they had a security breech at our gate…what are the odds.  Needless to say, we also missed our connecting flight in New York and they put us up once again.

My husband lost two days of work and I lost one.

In Rome they gave us the EU’s form to fill out and submit on line for reimbursement of up to $600 Euros.  We submitted 7 days after our return home on May 26 and have heard nothing and I can’t find where to contact them.

It’s a little confusing because when you read your rights, it says the U.S. is not part of the E.U. compensation agreement but it also states that they compensate for flights from Europe.

Can you tell me if we actually qualify or are we just not hearing because they have no intention of reimbursing us?  The problem is I purchased four tickets with one credit card, so my sister and brother in law were also on the same itinerary.  They should reimburse everyone individually but will they? 

A. You are entitled to compensation, because the delay was caused by something within the airline's control (an equipment problem). It doesn't matter if you are U.S. citizens or Europeans, as long as the flight originated in the E.U. However, you may have to be persistent in claiming your money, since airlines are loathe to pay up. A company called EU Claim (www.euclaim.com) helps consumers in this regard, but they do take a commission if they are successful.

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