If you had to cancel a trip at the start of the pandemic in 2020, let this be your reminder—your flight credits are probably expiring soon.

Not sure what to do with your flight voucher? Here are a few tips:

Push for a Refund

Airlines are very reluctant to give a refund if you're already accepted a credit, but it's not impossible. If you know that you'll be unable to use your credits before they expire, call or email your airline. They may be willing to convert your credits to a refund, especially if you have a valid reason for not being able to use them (such as a medical condition) and can provide documentation.

Book an End of Year Deal

Feeling optimistic about the future of travel? There are plenty of great airfare deals with travel dates through the end of the year that you could spend your credit on. If you have a big voucher to spend, take a look at prices for an upgraded ticket, as there are some huge discounts on first and business-class fares right now.

Use Your Credits on a Fully Refundable Ticket

Not sure yet what you want to use your credits on? If your flight credits are expiring soon, use them to book a fully refundable ticket that costs exactly the same as the amount of your credit for the end of the year. This will buy you some time to find a fare that you actually want to spend your credit on, and then you can easily cancel the fully refundable ticket and rebook without the time crunch pressure.

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