In this time of isolation, businesses and individuals around the world are sending out messages of hope. Discover, in photos, how we’re keeping our spirits up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hotels Lighting Vacant Windows

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In Philadelphia, the Four Seasons Hotel lit up its windows with a heart.

Boston, Massachusetts

Encore Boston Harbor lit up heart covid-19
Encore Boston Harbor
Encore Boston Harbor lit up heart covid-19
Encore Boston Harbor

The Encore Boston Harbor lit up windows in vacant rooms in the shape of a heart. A few nights later it displayed the message “Be Strong.”

New York, New York

moxy east village lights hotel rooms blue in heart SHape
Moxy Hotel East Village

Moxy East Village lit vacant rooms blue in support of health care heroes, essential workers, and first responders across the city.

Rainbows Everywhere

Rome, Italy

Italians locked up in the quarantined house display the rainbow flag with the words "everything will be fine".
Gennaro Leonardi/Shutterstock

During the nationwide lockdown, Italians quarantined in their houses are putting up rainbow flags with the words “everything will be fine.”

Nottingham, England

Nottingham city Rainbow messages of hope from children displayed on advertising board outside Intu shopping mall Nottingham.
Ian Francis/Shutterstock

Rainbow messages of hope from children all around England are displayed on a digital advertising board outside Intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham.

Montreal, Canada

House window with rainbow drawings and slogan "Ca va bien Aller" as message of hope in Montreal part of "It's going to be OK" movement during CoVID19 epidemic
jean-francois me/Shutterstock

Rainbow drawings appear in a home window with the slogan “ca va bien aller” (“it’s going to be OK”) as a message of hope in Montreal.

City Landmarks Lighting Up

New York, New York

Famous landmarks in New York City were lit up blue in a tribute to healthcare workers battling COVID-19.

Montreal, Canada

montreal rainbow bridges lit up
Eva Blue

The Jacques Cartier bridge will be lit up in rainbow colors throughout the month of April to let Montrealers know they’re not alone. 

Signs of Solidarity

Bloomington, Indiana

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The Buskirk-Chumley Theater in Bloomington, Indiana, has put the famous Mr. Rogers quote on its marquee.

Rutherford, New Jersey

Sign on the lawn of the Rutherford United Methodist Church during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Erin Alexis Randolph/Shutterstock

A sign on the lawn of the Rutherford United Methodist Church in Rutherford, New Jersey, offers a message of hope.

Atlanta, Georgia

Emory Hospital entrance; signs of support during the COVID-19 pandemic
Raymond Richards/Shutterstock

A sign reads “heroes work here” in front of the entrance to Atlanta’s Emory Hospital.

Cheerleaders from Home


In Spain, residents all over the country came out to their windows and balconies to applaud healthcare workers.

United Kingdom

#ClapForOurCarers has become a weekly demonstration of appreciation in the U.K. Kensington Palace posted a video of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis joining in to clap for healthcare workers.


While on lockdown, people in Italy have clapped and cheered and sung opera from their balconies. Recently, people all over the country staged a “flash mob,” shining lights out of their windows.

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