Whenever I travel to a new destination, one of my favorite things to do is wander the aisle of a local grocery store. Here, I find interesting products and experiences that offer more of a taste of everyday life than a restaurant might. While at home, I satisfy my travel cravings via Amazon, in the form of delicious international candy. Here are my favorites:

Kopiko Candy Variety Pack

Kopiko Candy Variety Pack coffee candy

If you’re looking for an energy rush that goes beyond the typical candy sugar high, eat four pieces of Kopiko candy, which contain the same amount of caffeine as a cup of espresso. Indonesia’s popular confectionery is made from real coffee, and you can try the regular version and the cappuccino flavor in the Kopiko Candy Variety Pack.

Cadbury Selection Box

Cadbury Selection Box

Fact: British Cadbury chocolate is better than American Cadbury chocolate. Taste the difference with this Cadbury Selection Box, which comes with 10 full-sized samples of the top-selling British Cadbury bars.

Elite Premium Milk Chocolate Bar With Popping Candies

Elite Premium Milk Chocolate Bar With Popping Candies

If you love Pop Rocks but wish they came wrapped in even more sugar, Israel’s Elite Premium Milk Chocolate Bar with Popping Candies is for you. Let the milk chocolate candy bar melt in your mouth and then you’ll be rewarded with a popping candy explosion.

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Japanese Strawberry Kit Kats

In America, new Kit Kat flavors tend to be along the boring lines of dark chocolate, rather than anything fun. So if you want the good Kit Kats, I suggest you turn to Japan, where you’ll find any flavor combination you can imagine. These strawberry Kit Kats are a fresh and fun treat, but you could get anything from black tea to chocolate orange.

Botan Rice Candy

Not a big chocolate fan? Not to worry—opt for Botan Rice Candy, a Japanese chewy candy with a subtle citrusy flavor. The individual pieces come in an edible rice paper wrapper that dissolves in your mouth, making it an easy on-the-go snack.

Maynards Wine Gums

Maynards Wine Gums

Sorry, if you want to catch a buzz during snack time, you’ll have to pour yourself a glass of wine to have on the side, as Maynards Wine Gums don’t actually contain any alcohol. Rather than tasting like a pinot grigio or bordeaux, these chewy British gummies taste more like sugar than vino.

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Sonrics Rockaleta Bola Chewing Gum

Add a little spice to your candy jar with Sonrics’ Rockaleta Bola Chewing Gum. Popular in Mexico, these multilayer gumballs are perfect for those who prefer their candy to have a bit of a kick.

Meiji's Apollo Strawberry Chocolate

Meiji's Apollo Strawberry Chocolates are like eating chocolate-covered strawberries in a bite-sized candy form. Meiji is one of Japan’s most popular candymakers, so if you like the strawberry chocolate, be sure to try out some of their other offerings like the Chocorooms or Hello Pandas.

Haribo Juicy Gold Bears

Large plastic tub full of mini bags of Haribo Saft Gold Bears gummy bears

You can find certain varieties of Haribo candy in the U.S., but the really good stuff doesn’t make it across the border—unless you know where to look on Amazon. Made in Germany, the Saft Gold Bears (or “juicy gold bears”) are made with real fruit juice for a legit flavor and they’re extra soft and chewy.

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Nestle Peppermint Crisp Bar

Nestle Peppermint Crisp Bar

Big fan of Nestlé Crunch? Head to South Africa (or at least the international candy section on Amazon) to try out a more refreshing version of the sweet treat—the Peppermint Crisp Bar. A crunch, minty filling is topped with milk chocolate for a flavor you won’t be able to stop eating.

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