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Whether you’re in a company conference call or a video happy hour with friends across the country, those bare walls don't make the most visually exciting backdrop. Instead, swap out that unsightly view of your unmade bed with some travel-inspired imagery.

To download these backgrounds, click on the image, and a full-size version with the recommended Zoom dimensions will open. Right-click and save the image to your computer, and presto you’ve got a picture ready to add as your Virtual Background.

Not sure how to add a Virtual Background in Zoom? Follow the instructions here and bring some wanderlust to brighten up your WFH backdrop.

Savannah Safari

Hello, all you cool cats and kittens. The Tiger King title is taken, but you can pride yourself on being the king of Zoom with this shot of lions lazing about the savannah of the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

lions of the Maasai Mara in Kenya
Click for full-sized download version

Antarctic Adventure

Want to really social distance yourself? Set sail south to the bottom of the globe where only penguins encroach on your personal space as you watch the colorful sunset behind the Lemaire Channel.

Sunset on the Lemaire Channel in Antartica
Click for full-sized download version

Rock Out

Stuck inside this Easter? Might as well spend your time on its namesake island to check if there are any hidden eggs under the mysterious monoliths found on Rapa Nui.

Moai quarry on Easter Island Rapa Nui
Click for full-sized download version

Tomb Raider

You might not be the company boss, but nobody says you can't be the Pharaoh. Indulge your Indiana Jones fantasies with a trip to ancient Egypt and make the amazing architectural site of Abu Simbel your temple.

Temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt
Click for full-sized download version

French Fairytale

Make the charming canals of Colmar, France the setting of a romantic rendezvous if Zooming with a significant other stuck in another city. Flowers included!

Canals in Colmar France with flowers
Click for full-sized download version

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Island Escape

Bring beach vibes to your background with the calming waves crashing on the sunny sands of Queensland, Australia. Because if you’re feeling secluded already, at least make it seem like it’s on a tropical trip half the world away.

Beach in Queensland Australia Noosa
Click for full-sized download version

Countryside Castle

Be the king or queen of the castle when you set the Hogwarts-looking Gothic-Renaissance Corvin Castle as your backdrop. Situated in the heart of Transylvania, legend has it that Vlad Dracula was imprisoned inside. Sound relatable?

Corvin Castle in Transylvania Romania
Click for full-sized download version

Alpine Air

Zoom karaoke is a thing, so use a Toblerone as a microphone while you yodel away on a trip to the Matterhorn. Sing or sit quietly on a conference call with this majestic Swiss Alps icon behind you, and you'll feel crisp like fresh mountain air. Ricola!

Zermatt Switzerland snowy picture of the Matterhorn
Click for full-sized download version

Chasing Waterfalls

Tired of sticking to the rivers and the lakes you’re used to? Go on an adventure deep into the jungles of South America to the world’s largest waterfall system, Iguazu Falls, and make a splash in your workflow meetings.

View of Iguazu Falls from the Argentina side
Click for full-sized download version

Desert Dreaming

Do the sands of time seem to be slowing down by the day? If you already feel like you're stranded somewhere in the Sahara with nothing to do. Zoom around on a magic carpet ride over the dunes while working from home.

Sand dunes in Sinai Egypt
Click for full-sized download version

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Leafy Lakeview

Keep your video calls calm, cool, and collected with this serene scene on the South Island of New Zealand. The famous solitary Wanaka has stood tall in the middle of the lake bearing the same name as a symbol of hope.

South Island of New Zealand Wanaka Tree
Click for full-sized download version

Fancy Façade

If drab grey walls surround your workspace, inject a little inspiration from Jaipur, India. Known as the Pink City, this nighttime picture of the city’s famous Hawa Mahal will brighten up online conversations and your color palette.

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur India at night
Click for full-sized download version

Birds of a Feather

We all wish we could stick our heads in the sand until this whole situation blows over. But since we can’t, we can bend like these flamingos strutting in the salt lakes near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

Flamingos in Chile, San Pedro Atacama
Click for full-sized download version

Midnight Glow

See that faint strip of green across the sky in the Arctic Circle? Unfortunately, that’s the only Northern Light I saw on my trip to Tromso, Norway. But as a backdrop, I’ve found these soothing blue hues make your outline pop during important video presentations. 

Northern Light in Tromso Norway
Click for full-sized download version

Bar Fly

For all the airline geeks out there in Zoom happy hour hangouts, it’s time to order another flight of drinks. Ordinarily sitting up at Qatar Airways A380 onboard bar usually costs a lot of money or miles, but with this backdrop, you can say cheers to your colleagues with in-flight cocktails from the couch.

Qatar Airways onboard bar
Click for full-sized download version


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