While most Americans have canceled their travel plans for the foreseeable future, those who do plan to fly this spring might consider packing their own snacks and refillable water bottle from home. 

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Southwest have all announced plans to temporarily suspend beverage service along with cuts to inflight meals on some flights. These measures not only cut costs for airlines, but they also reduce unnecessary points of contact between the flight crew and passengers, lowering the risk of transmission. 

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As of this week, Southwest will offer passengers canned water, but only if requested, and its regular beverage and snack service is suspended indefinitely. 

On flights under 4.5 hours, American Airlines will no longer offer snacks and food for purchase. Beverages will only be provided by request. Additionally, those passengers in first class will no longer receive a meal. 

As passenger numbers have fallen dramatically in the last few weeks, travelers should have no trouble distancing themselves from one another once onboard. Still, just in case, American says it will now space its passengers a seat apart at minimum. That means no passenger gets stuck in the middle seat. American plans to introduce these changes beginning March 27.

United meanwhile will continue to offer snacks to its passengers, though beverages will no longer be refilled.

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