We’ve all got them. Some of us have drawers full of them. From the old iPhone to the paralyzingly slow laptop, you can get paid for the gadgets currently collecting dust in your home. Through Amazon’s Trade-in Program, exchange old electronics, books, and other wares for Amazon gift cards.

How to Get Money for an Old Phone

Amazon trade in program

Here’s the process with the Amazon Trade-in Program: After answering questions about the phone’s condition, I was given a price range for potential payout. For my sample test, a 16GB iPhone SE could fetch me between $2.75 and $15.05. The higher-end if the phone powers on and its screen is intact, the lower end for inoperable phones with cracked screens.

Items do not need to have been originally purchased at Amazon, but the retail giant does not take items that are not yet fully paid (such as phones that are still financed with a phone service provider).

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How to Trade in Tablets for Amazon Gift Cards

Trading in a tablet for money via the Amazon Trade-in Program was just as easy as with the phone. After answering a couple of questions regarding the device's current operating condition, the potential payout for a Fire HD 10, 7th generation tablet is between $5 and $30. Again, the higher end for operating, fault-free devices; $5 if otherwise.

There’s an additional benefit to trading in old tablets with Amazon’s Trade-in Program: Get 20 percent off the future purchase of a new Fire tablet. After applying the gift card from the aforementioned case study, plus the trade-in credit, I could purchase a current-generation Fire HD tablet currently selling at $150 for only $90.

How to Trade in Old Stuff for Amazon Money


The Amazon Trade-in Program welcomes more than phones and tablets. Gaming devices, including portable and stationary consoles, controllers, video games, and VR gear are available for trade-in, as are books.

Perusing the Amazon trade-in tool, potential payout for a Harry Potter paperback box set is as much as $6.14. An anatomy textbook returned $67.63.

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Since Amazon pays for shipping both ways, even if your old stuff is trashed, you can get a little money without spending a dime. Not a terrible way to resolve disposal, as your old gadgets may be renewed for a second life with another user.

Think of the Amazon Trade-in Program as your personal pawn shop without needing to leave your house.

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