Allegiant Airlines has announced its biggest expansion ever by adding a total of 44 new routes (88 when counting both directions). The biggest news is Allegiant's expansion to 3 new cities with new nonstop flights to/from Boston, Chicago, and Houston. The ultra-low-cost carrier also added new service from several other hub cities. Intro fares are as low as $33 one-way or $63 roundtrip.

Allegiant Adds Flights to/from Boston, Chicago, and Houston

In a press release, vice president of planning and revenue Drew Wells said, "There is a lot of leisure demand for cities that are regional destinations, and this route expansion will address some of that need."

The new flights begin this spring and Chicago will get the most routes out of the new Allegiant cities with 7 new routes to/from Chicago's Midway Airport (MDW). Both Boston (BOS) and Houston-Hobby (HOU) will get 4 new nonstop flights. There will also be new flights added to/from Nashville (BNA), Austin (AUS), Savannah (SAV), and more cities throughout Allegiant's network.

The addition of three major metropolitan markets is something new for Allegiant Airlines, which has mainly focused on flying between smaller markets and leisure destinations. Staying true to its strategy, the new Allegiant flights from these larger cities are mostly to/from smaller markets with little to no competition. Each new route will be flown just twice per week, which is a common theme for Allegiant.

We may see the major airlines respond by lowering fares to compete in these new Allegiant markets. While it's unlikely the major carrier's fares will fall as low as Allegiant, many offer daily connections to hub cities where passengers can take connecting flights on these routes. Sign up for FREE airfare alerts to find out when prices drop on all airlines.

Travel Availability

New nonstop service on Allegiant Airlines begins in May or June 2020.

  • Travel Period: May through mid-August. A few routes have limited fall travel dates available.
  • Travel Days of the Week: Varies by route.
  • Blackout Dates: None listed. Some routes have higher fares for peak summer travel.

Typical for Allegiant, these routes are all only flown twice per week and each route operates on different days of the week. Click on the fare details for more booking info.

These low intro fares are available for select peak summer travel dates on most routes! In addition to the intro sale fares, Allegiant is advertising that its existing routes are on sale with a 25% discount.

Sale Period

Intro fares must be booked by January 16, 2019.

New nonstop service on Allegiant for 2020

All fares are nonstop and work in the reverse direction as well.

New Allegiant Flights to/from Boston (BOS)

Sundays / Thursdays, starting May 7, 2020.

Boston to Grand Rapids $66 roundtrip

Mondays / Fridays, starting May 8; Sundays / Thursdays, starting August 20, 2020

Boston to Asheville $66 roundtrip

Knoxville to Boston $66 roundtrip

Sundays / Thursdays, starting May 14, 2020.

Boston to Ft. Walton Beach $66 roundtrip

New Allegiant Flights to/from Chicago (MDW)

Sundays / Thursdays, starting May 14, 2020.

Chicago to Allentown $66 roundtrip

Sundays / Thursdays, starting May 21, 2020.

Des Moines to Chicago $66 roundtrip

Chicago to Savannah $66 roundtrip

Chicago to Asheville $66 roundtrip

Chicago to Knoxville $66 roundtrip

Mondays / Fridays, starting June 5, 2020.

Chicago to Fort Walton Beach $66 roundtrip

New Allegiant Flights to/from Houston (HOU)

Sundays / Thursdays, starting May 21, 2020.

Houston to Knoxville $66 roundtrip

Mondays / Fridays, starting May 22, 2020.

Houston to Savannah $66 roundtrip

Houston to Fort Walton Beach $66 roundtrip

Asheville to Houston $66 roundtrip(changes to Sun/Thu travel starting Aug. 20)

More New Allegiant Airlines Flights

Sundays / Thursdays, starting May 14, 2020.

Dayton to Fort Walton Beach $90 roundtrip

Wednesdays / Saturdays, starting May 20, 2020.

Newburgh to Savannah $90 roundtrip

Sundays / Thursdays, starting May 21, 2020.

Norfolk to Pittsburgh $68 roundtrip

Des Moines to Austin $90 roundtrip

Des Moines to Memphis $90 roundtrip

Newburgh to Fort Walton Beach $90 roundtrip

Pittsburgh to Memphis $90 roundtrip

Memphis to West Palm Beach $90 roundtrip

Sioux Falls to Nashville $112 roundtrip

Nashville to Bozeman $112 roundtrip

Mondays / Fridays, starting May 22, 2020.

Columbus/Rickenbacker to Norfolk $63 roundtrip

Norfolk to Nashville $68 roundtrip

Asheville to Austin $90 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to Austin $90 roundtrip

Austin to Knoxville $90 roundtrip

Cincinnati to Memphis $90 roundtrip

Louisville to Charleston $90 roundtrip

Sundays / Thursdays, starting June 4, 2020.

Peoria to Nashville $68 roundtrip

Tulsa to Nashville $68 roundtrip

Fargo to Nashville $86 roundtrip 

Albuquerque to Orlando-Sanford $112 roundtrip

Mondays / Fridays, starting June 5, 2020.

Providence to Myrtle Beach $90 roundtrip

Nashville to Flint $90 roundtrip

Nashville to Greensboro $90 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to Los Angeles $112 roundtrip

Wednesdays / Saturdays, starting June 6, 2020.

Myrtle Beach to Knoxville $68 roundtrip

Savannah to Punta Gorda $68 roundtrip

Elmira to Myrtle Beach $90 roundtrip

Belleville, IL/MidAmerica St. Louis to Savannah $88 roundtrip

Allegiant offers a roundtrip discount for most fares when booking flights on its website. In order to get the lowest price, remember to search for roundtrip flights.

The exception in this sale is the $33 one-way fares on the new routes to/from Allegiant's 3 new cities, which don't get a further discount when booking roundtrip.


Allegiant Basic fares only include one small personal item. Carry-on bag fees start at $15-$25 each way when purchased during the initial booking. Checked bag fees start at $20-$35 each way. These fees are higher after booking and at the airport.

Seat Assignments

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may pay a fee to choose a specific seat.

Related: How to Avoid Paying Airline Seat Fees

Alternate Fares

Allegiant sells bundles if you'd like to purchase multiple extras at a discounted rate during booking. Allegiant Bonus bundle includes a standard-sized carry-on bag plus a personal item, standard seat selection, and trip flex, which allows ticket changes without fees. The Allegiant Total bundle includes everything from the Bonus bundle plus one checked bag and priority boarding.

Allegiant mainly flies from smaller cities to leisure markets around the U.S. Since there are extra fees for just about everything, you may find better deals from larger nearby airports on other airlines, but Allegiant often has the only nonstop service on its routes.

Example Booking

Searching on Allegiant's website, I found a flight departing Boston BOS on Friday, July 10, returning from Savannah SAV on Monday, July 13, for $66 roundtrip.


This price includes a $36 online booking fee, which is labeled a "carrier usage charge" in the breakdown of taxes/fees. Avoid this fee and book this flight for only $30 roundtrip at an airport ticket counter. The nearest New England airport where Allegiant would currently have a ticket counter open is in Providence, Rhode Island.


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