There are few things more life-affirming than frolicking through city streets blanketed with fresh snow or finding yourself prepared for an unexpected winter wonderland hike. Here’s everything you need to be covered head-to-toe on your next cold-weather getaway.

What to Wear for Winter Travel

The Perfect Beanie for Winter

Keeping your head warm is a must for any winter adventure in addition to discreetly covering hair that might look a little crazy after waking up for an early flight. Depending on your plans, this waffle weave beanie is perfect for a casual look from morning to night.

For a sleeker, lightweight knit that you can wear cuffed or unfolded to be slouchy, go for this eco-friendly beanie from Coal. Either way, your ears and hair will thank you for protecting them from the elements and public embarrassment.

Core Essentials for Cold Weather

One of the most challenging aspects of winter travel is balancing the ambition to appear flawless with the reality of encountering rain, sleet, ice, and snow. If you’re ready to invest in some serious personal heat-regulation in the form of a perfect travel jacket, this Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket made in men and women’s styles by Ministry of Supply is for you. USB-powered, TSA approved, with heated pockets for your hands? Let’s do this.

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For those looking for something a little more sporty, this winter shell from Chubbies will help you stand out in a crowd, and probably get you invited to a beach-themed winter party. Pair with these classic flower-patterned gloves if you’d like to text back your new party friends while keeping warm.

Once you have your new coat, layer with a soft thermal top so you can immediately head to the slopes or do some sightseeing between museum visits. If you’d like to stay extra toasty wherever you are, add a lightweight sweater or an incredibly versatile scarf.

Day and Night Boots for Winter Trips

Let’s be honest: footwear can make or break any adventure. Winter travel footwear requires striking a balance between comfort, style, and durability. If you’d like to keep your feet motivated to surpass your daily step goal, start with Smartwool socks before slipping into a pair of Blundstone slip-on boots. Whether you’re sporting a  rugged or more professional look, these boots will keep you dry and cozy while you explore the world.

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