Sometimes the best recommendations come from your fellow travelers. This list of the top 15 products purchased last week by readers across the SmarterTravel network includes everything from natural jet lag remedies and airplane-seat disinfecting kits to ultra-comfortable neck pillows, on-the-go breath fresheners, portable laundry products, and even a few books. Check out these reader-sourced recommendations below.

1. Jet Set Natural, Two-Step Herbal Travel & Jet Lag Remedy Pills


Jet Set

About this product: "Jet Set Natural is a two-step herbal travel and jet lag remedy — Jet to relax and boost immunity in flight, Set to energize and restore on arrival. Created by a Board-Certified Sleep Specialist, Jet Set Natural is produced in the United States."

Amazon user review: "Great product for relaxing during a long flight and waking up ready to hit the ground running when you land."

Price: $12.95 on Amazon

2. The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar, Vegetable Soap, Borax & Essential Oils

Laundress soap

About this product: "This soap bar is not only great for removing stains—it can also be used for hand washing bras, underwear, swimsuits, and other clothes while traveling."

Amazon user review: "While the bar is small, a little goes a long way! It took out extremely stubborn red wine stains off my white jeans surprisingly well to where you can no longer even guess there was a stain before." 

Price: $5.38 on Amazon

3. Miers Labs No Jet Lag Homeopathic Remedy

Miers No Jet Lag

About this product: "Helps to alleviate jet lag symptoms that affect body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, and physiological patterns, leading to disorientation as well as mental and physical fatigue."

Amazon user review: "We took these pills according to the directions on a recent trip to the U.K. I've flown overseas before, so I am well aware of the jet lag feeling. We landed about 10 am in London after an 8 hour flight. I honestly felt fine until about 9pm - went to bed and slept well. Got up the next morning feeling no bad effects from the time change. I also did not sleep much on the plane, as it is hard for me to do. I will definitely use these again."

Price: $11.99 on Amazon

4. Travel Safety Kit - OCD Air Travel Essentials

Plane Safe Kit

About this product: "Your Travel Safety Kit (TSK) provides an essential collection of tools designed to defend against a potentially infectious environment. You don’t plan to be sick; you fail plan to protect yourself. Be prepared today with your TSK."

Amazon user review: "What a smart creative idea! Perfect for the added protection of reducing and eliminating germs on and around your seat during your flight. The footys are a great added benefit as well. Thank you for creating this package and providing it at such a reasonable and affordable cost!!"

Price: $9.95 on Amazon

5. Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush, Peppermint


About this product: "Colgate Wisp is your go-to brush on-the-go. Its bristles gently remove food and other particles, even around braces and other orthodontics, while the built-in freshening bead releases minty freshness. No water or rinsing is necessary, making it perfect for when you travel, or any time you’re out and about."

Amazon user review: "Perfect to have for long or overnight plane rides ... or even when camping to get fresh breath!"

Price: $4.22 on Amazon

6. Listerine Pocketmist Cool Mint, 2 Count


About this product: "Kill 99% of bad breath germs on contact with sugar-free Listerine PocketMist. Keep it on your keychain, in your purse, or at your desk for fresher, cleaner breath when you’re on the go."

Amazon user review: "This pocket sized refresher is perfect for me! The little spritz conquered both my coffee breath in the morning and then my garlic breath in the afternoon! I'm sold - and the little curved handle means it gets a permanent place on my carabiner with my keys so I'm never without it."

Price: $4.48 on Amazon

7. NeilMed Nasogel Drip Free Gel Spray, 1 Fluid Ounce


About this product: "NasoGel Spray is a drug-free saline based water soluble nasal gel spray formulated with sodium hyaluronate to provide nasal moisture. NasoGEL provides moisture to hydrate and lubricate dry and irritated nasal passages caused by dry climate and indoor heat. It helps reduce nasal dryness experienced during air travel, oxygen & CPAP use, as well as dryness symptoms caused by atrophic rhinitis, post radiation therapy and sinus surgery."

Amazon user review: "Wish I found this product years ago, but better late than never. Great for allergy sufferers like me. I use at least twice a day sometimes more. Definitely before bedtime. My nose feels so soothed. Nothing is hard and crusty anymore."

Price: $6.25 on Amazon

8. Tide Liquid Detergent Travel Sink Packets

Tide Travel Sink

About this product: "Tide Travel Sink packets makes laundering a few items by hand simple and convenient. Easy to use!"

Amazon user review: "These things are game changers for traveling light. My wife and I travel very frequently and usually only travel with a backpack, a very small backpack. These tide packs enable us to wash important clothes that we would like to wear again."

Price: $22.00 on Amazon

9. Cushion Lab Extra Dense Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow

About this product: "Designed for travelers, our patented travel pillow fits snugly between your face and shoulder, creating a comfortable resting place for your head. The ergonomic contours comfortably supports your face or chin while providing pressure relieving support for your neck so you can sleep better and arrive charged and refreshed."

Amazon user review: "I can honestly say I have never been a fan of neck pillows because they just give me absolutely no support and extremely bulky. Cushion Lab's neck pillow accomplishes what no other neck pillow has done for me... it supports both my head and neck with its unique design without being bulky."

Price: $23.95 on Amazon

10. LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes Luggage Organizers for Travel with Double Zipper - Set of 3

Lean Travel Cubes

About this product: "Pack more clothing into less space with the extra zipper feature for added compression. Reduce the packing bags thickness from 4 inches to 1 inches. Best quality rated SBS brand zippers with anti-catch technology."

Amazon user review: "LeanTravel's cubes have double zippers which compresses the cube and saves you so much space. I wish I had them when I was backpacking through Asia last year. It would've been really helpful when you're fitting all you have for four months in one backpack and space matters!"

Price: $29.99 on Amazon

11. Grow Fragrance - Certified 100% Plant Based Air Freshener + Fabric Freshener Spray, Made with All Natural Essential Oils, Lavender Scent, 5 oz.

Grow spray

About this product: "Grow Fragrance is a modern air + fabric freshener that is 100% plant-based, toxin free, and safe for your home. Our products are free from Phthalates, Parabens and Petroleum & Synthetic Petrochemicals. It’s a brand you can actually feel good about using around your family and pets."

12. Sea-Band Wristband, Adult, Colors May Vary, 1 Pair, Anti-Nausea Acupressure Motion or Morning Sickness

Sea Band


About this product: "Sea-Band is an acupressure wrist band that is clinically proven to relieve motion sickness and morning sickness in addition to helping with post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea. They work by applying pressure on the Nei-Kuan acupressure point on each wrist by means of a plastic stud that work to restore balance in the body. No drugs or side effects are associated with this clinically tested product."

Amazon user review: "I get motion sickness fairly easily and since I bought these I have not thrown up on a plane once! Between these bands and a ginger pill I feel ready to tackle a plane, boat, or long car trip."

Price: $6.99 on Amazon

13. Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You by Lin-Manuel Miranda 

Gmorning Gnight book

About this product: "From the creator and star of Hamilton, with beautiful illustrations by Jonny Sun, comes a book of affirmations to inspire readers at the beginning and end of each day."

Amazon user review: "I expected nothing except delightful wordplay from Lin-Manuel Miranda, but between the genuine feeling of being seen and understood that these little pep-talks give the reader and the humorous, perfectly-suited illustrations by Jonny Sun, "Gmorning, Gnight" is one of those books that I'll read over and over again."

Price: $10.98 on Amazon ($11.99 Kindle)

14. TSA-Approved Travel Clear Toiletry Bag for Men and Women

Toiletry Kit

About this product: "Do you travel frequently for work or leisure? Are you tired with the hassle of airport security delays? Easyfun TSA Approved Toiletry Bag complies with the 3-1-1 rule for TSA screening. With our super-durable clear toiletry bag, make passing through security a pleasure, not a chore."

Amazon user review: "If you travel a lot and are looking for something nicer than a Ziploc bag to put your toiletries in, this is perfect. This clear thick, plastic zippered bag is the right size for your carry-on liquid items. Definitely a necessity for the frequent flyer!"

Price: $8.99 on Amazon

15. The Witches of Willow Cove by Josh Roberts

witches of willow cove

About this product: "A twisty-turny supernatural page-turner, this debut novel from the Executive Editor of Airfarewatchdog is brimming with mystery, suspense, a lovable cast of characters, and a delightfully enigmatic villain—a clever synthesis of Salem witch lore and magical adventures."

Amazon user review: "Full of magic, mayhem, gripping danger, and a good dose of humor… Hits all the sweet spots for the modern spooky middle grade novel."

Price: $12.95 on Amazon ($4.99 Kindle)

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