Look for new nonstop Southwest flights from San Diego to Hawaii starting in April 2020. Along with the latest schedule extension, Southwest added new nonstop service from San Diego to both Maui and Honolulu. With more flights to Hawaii, fares on Southwest are low from several cities once again. Book quickly because these low fares sell out in a flash! Fares on the new nonstop flights are as low as $129 one-way or $258 roundtrip.

New Nonstop Service from San Diego to Hawaii on Southwest

Starting April 14, 2020, Southwest will fly once per day from San Diego (SAN) to Maui (OGG). Flights depart San Diego at 8:10 am and arrive in Maui at 11:10 am local time. Flights from Maui depart at 12:55 pm and arrive in San Diego at 9:20 pm.

Nonstop flights from San Diego (SAN) to Honolulu (HNL) begin April 20, 2020. Flights depart San Diego at 3:40 pm and arrive in Honolulu at 6:45 pm. Flights from Honolulu depart at 9:35 am and arrive in San Diego at 6:15 pm. All times local.

Southwest also dropped fares on its interisland flights to just $29 one-way for fall/winter travel and it will now be easier to connect from San Diego to other Hawaiian islands on Southwest.

With the schedule extension, existing Southwest flights and connections have low fares once again so have a look below at what we've found so far.

Travel Availability

Intro fares for new nonstop service from San Diego to Hawaii are available within the following dates:

  • Travel Period: April 14 or 20 - June 4, 2020.
  • Travel Days of the Week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Blackout Dates: May 21 and May 25.

The lowest nonstop interisland fares are for travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from November through early March, and only $10-$30 more each way for travel on other days of the week. Connecting interisland fares are valid for daily travel through early June.

Other routes from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii are available on scattered travel dates. Mostly on the newly released late April through early June travel dates, but a few routes may have limited availability for fall/winter travel.

Sale Period

Intro fares on the new routes to Hawaii are valid for purchase TODAY ONLY! Tickets must be booked by 11:59 pm PDT, September 26, 2019, or while supplies last. Low fares are selling out quickly!

Interisland fares are valid for purchase through November 4, 2019, at 11:59 pm PDT.

New low fares on existing routes are unadvertised and can jump in price at any time. Since Southwest has limited flights, these prices will likely not last very long. Book now and take advantage of Southwest's flexible refund policy to confirm your plans. If plans change, get a cash refund within 24 hours of booking or a travel credit any time after this time period.

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Sample Fares

Please note, these fares are only available on Southwest.com. Other carriers regularly match these sale fares, so be sure to compare to find the best deal.

New Southwest Flights from San Diego to Hawaii 

San Diego to Maui $258 roundtrip, nonstop

San Diego to Honolulu $258 roundtrip, nonstop

San Diego to Hilo $286 roundtrip

San Diego to Lihue $346 roundtrip

San Diego to Kona $346 roundtrip

Interisland Hawaii Flights on Southwest

Kona to Honolulu $58 roundtrip, nonstop

Honolulu to Maui $58 roundtrip, nonstop

Maui to Kona $58 roundtrip, nonstop

Lihue, Kauai to Honolulu $58 roundtrip, nonstop

Honolulu to Hilo $58 roundtrip, nonstop

Kona to Hilo $126 roundtrip

Hilo to Maui $126 roundtrip

Hilo to Lihue, Kauai $126 roundtrip

Lihue, Kauai to Maui $126 roundtrip

Kona to Lihue, Kauai $126 roundtrip

More Cheap Flights to Hawaii on Southwest

San Jose to Kauai $278 roundtrip, nonstop

Oakland to Kauai $278 roundtrip, nonstop

Oakland to Honolulu $278 roundtrip, nonstop

Oakland to Maui $278 roundtrip, nonstop

San Jose to Maui $278 roundtrip, nonstop

San Jose to Honolulu $278 roundtrip, nonstop

San Jose to Kona $278 roundtrip, nonstop

Sacramento to Maui $278 roundtrip, nonstop

Oakland Hilo $286 roundtrip

Oakland to Kona $298 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Honolulu $316 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Kona $316 roundtrip

Sacramento to Honolulu $318 roundtrip, nonstop

Ontario to Honolulu $356 roundtrip

Seattle to Honolulu $356 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Kauai $356 roundtrip

Long Beach to Maui $356 roundtrip

Portland to Maui $356 roundtrip

Burbank to Kona $356 roundtrip

Sacramento to Hilo $366 roundtrip

Spokane to Honolulu $376 roundtrip

Sacramento to Kauai $386 roundtrip

Boise to Honolulu $391 roundtrip

Albuquerque to Honolulu $416 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Maui $476 roundtrip

Denver to Honolulu $516 roundtrip

Minneapolis to Honolulu $526 roundtrip

Dallas to Honolulu $536 roundtrip

All fares also work in the reverse direction and this is not a complete list of Southwest deals to Hawaii.

These prices aren't quite as low as the $98 roundtrip flights that were for sale this spring when Southwest first started selling tickets to Hawaii, but you may want to book these quickly if you want to travel on Southwest to Hawaii next spring. Southwest fares to Hawaii have remained extraordinarily high whenever its newly released low fares sell out.

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These fares include a carry-on bag, a personal item, and 2 free checked bags up to 50lbs/23kg each.

Seat Assignments

Southwest has an open seating policy, which means there are no assigned seats and you'll get to choose your seat during boarding. The order of boarding is determined by the time of check-in so check-in exactly 24 hours before departure or pay for priority boarding for a better choice of seat.

Alternate Fares

Other airlines may start to match prices in some markets, but all other airlines charge for checked bags—some even charge for carry-on bags. Southwest has the advantage of two free checked bags and no change fees.

If you want to fly into one island and back from another, you can purchase one-way flights for about half the roundtrip price and combine with $29-$59 interisland Southwest flights.

And if you're looking for flights from further east, you'll have to wait until Southwest begins flying overnight (red-eye) flights. Until then, it is not possible to make an onward connection flying from Hawaii to points east on Southwest. You may be able to book a one-way flight from the Midwest or East Coast to Hawaii on one itinerary, but the return flight would require two separate tickets and an overnight stop on the West Coast.

For a complete list of deals to Hawaii, have a look at all of our fares on all airlines to Honolulu (HNL), Maui (OGG), Kauai (LIH), and Kona (KOA).

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Example Booking

Searching Southwest's website, I found nonstop flights departing San Diego SAN on Monday, April 20, returning from Honolulu HNL on Tuesday, April 28, for $258 roundtrip.


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