It’s time for a look at this year's best neck pillows for long (and we mean long) flights. Some of the pillows on the list are tried and true favorites, but you'll also spot some newcomers on the list as well. If you're planning to hop any oceans in 2020, be sure to pack one of these comfy pillows.

The Best Travel Neck Pillows for Flying

Below are our seven picks for the best neck pillows on the market right now. Have a favorite that we didn't mention? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

Trtl Soft Neck Support Pillow

Avoid neck cramps with the Trtl Soft Neck Support pillow, scientifically proven to provide a long-haul flight neck support. That'll prevent cramps by keeping the neck in an ergonomic position during rest. It's also pretty easy to pack compared to most travel pillows.

Amazon User Review: “I’ve purchased 2 of these this year, and the products were completely different. One amazing the other horrible. Double-check they sent you the correct item! The one on the right actually works... the one on the left is garbage.”

Price: Starting at $30 on Amazon


The J-shaped pillow is an excellent choice for neck support. It supports all parts of your head, including your chin and neck. The pillow is also easy to store. Just form it in a ball and stick it in your carry-on bag.

Amazon User Review: “Love the pillow as I was able to put my head comfortably against it and sleep. Very smushy and soft. Like having my own teddy bear.”

Price: Starting at $53 on Amazon

Everlasting Comfort Travel Pillow

The Everlasting Comfort pillow is a unique spin on the classic neck pillow. It has 100% pure memory foam, meaning it perfectly conforms to your neck. It also has a cellphone pocket to keep your phone safe when you nod off. The pillow includes earplugs and a comfy eye mask.

Amazon User Review: It was very soft & easy to travel with.”

Price: Starting at $20 on Amazon

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My Perfect Dreams Premium Travel Pillow

Just want a classic neck pillow with a little bit extra? The My Perfect Dreams pillow is, as the name implies, actually perfect. It’s similar in shape to the neck pillows you might see in the airport but cheaper and better made. The pillow has a bit of memory foam and is easy to wash.

Amazon User Review: “Have a spine problem, and the pillow helps keep my head in alignment. Good quality.”

Price: Starting at $13 on Amazon

SAKEYR Neck Support Travel Pillows

Think this pillow looks familiar? Well, it looks almost exactly like the Trtl pillow, but it’s cheaper. The pillow can wrap around your neck for added support. I would recommend this pillow if you like the Trtl pillow style but don’t’ need as much support.

Amazon User Review: “I used this on a few overnight airplane trips, and it definitely helped me sleep. I love how convenient and small it is.”

Price: Starting at $20 on Amazon

Dot&Dot Bendable Memory Foam Travel Pillow

For indecisive folks who can't settle on a single pillow shape, the Dot&Dot pillow will bend in any configuration you want. You can use it to support your neck, spine, head, and just about anything else. It’s also easy to wash, so no worries if you get it a little dirty.

Amazon User Review: “Have a spine problem, and the pillow helps keep my head in alignment. Good quality.”

Price: Starting at $25 on Amazon

Gogo Pillow 3-in-1 Travel Pillow, Neck Pillow, Tablet Holder

This pillow is perfect if you usually bring a tablet with you on your travels. It can hold your device as a stand, allowing you to find that ideal viewing angle. Attach it to a headrest so children can share the screen on long trips. Plus, it doubles as a regular pillow.

Amazon User Review: “This is a great product. It works to prop up my iPad in-flight (or while waiting to board). It also works as a pillow. Plus, it holds things I want to take aboard with me, like my phone, gum, facial spray, etc. That way, I put my carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment, and have everything I need on the flight with me, in one cute, soft, very useful pillow.”

Price: Starting at $8 on Amazon

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